The Federation of Japan Water Industries, Inc. (SUIDANREN) was established in 1966 as an organization to represent Japan’s water-supply and sewerage industries. We are a private-sector organization established with the intention of helping to build and enhance the social infrastructure that supports people’s everyday lives and urban environments and contributing to the development of the nation’s industry. SUIDANREN member companies are active across the spectrum of the water supply and sewerage industries, from materials and equipment manufacturing, plant construction, design and construction consulting, to facility management, fee collection, and more.

The SUIDANREN works to assist member companies to develop new products and improve their technology, and helps them to address the various problems that can arise in water-related business initiatives. Looking ahead 50,100 years into the future, we strive to act as a bridge between the government and the private sector and to make a meaningful contribution to the development of the water industry in Japan and around the world.

President Masatoshi Kimata

Our Role

The SUIDANREN’s member companies can offer products and technological expertise meeting the very highest global standards.
Our member companies can help you to find solutions to the challenges you face.
The SUIDANREN can act as a liaison between member companies and end clients, offering a full range of support in search of solutions.

Our Activities

The following are some of the activities we are involved in as part of our ongoing efforts to support the qualitative improvement of the water industry,
through the free-ranging technology development and vigorous production activities of our member companies.

Collaboration with water supply, sewerage, and industrial water businesses

  • The SUIDANREN advises the government on policy- and budget-related measures for water business enhancement efforts.
  • We serve on government-organized committees, where we make policy proposals and work to bring them to fruition.

Recommendations to the Diet and national and local government bodies

  • Following torrential rains, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, we cooperate with member companies to provide emergency relief and assist in reconstruction. As part of our support, we dispatch survey teams to assess the condition of water-supply and sewerage facilities in affected areas.

Promoting exports and helping industry businesses grow internationally

  • Our member companies offer fieldwork training opportunities in water-related training courses offered by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). . We provide information to member companies to assist them in international cooperation and expansion efforts.


  • The SUIDANREN holds exhibits of cutting-edge technologies and products from member companies as well as specialized techniques, technical information, and more

Workshops, lectures, and facility tours

  • As well as holding workshops for basic training, the SUIDANREN holds lectures on a wide variety of topics, including the latest government policies.

Any other activities that may be necessary to support the further development of water-related industries in Japan.



The SUIDANREN holds exhibits of water supply equipment, showcasing not only cutting-edge technologies and products from its member companies but also specialized techniques, technical information, and more.

Proposals to government

To help ensure stable water supplies through waterworks, sewerage, and industrial water supply businesses into the future, the SUIDANREN advises the government on policy- and budget-related measures for facility maintenance and expansion efforts.

Workshops and lectures

To help employees at its member companies hone their skills, the SUIDANREN holds workshops for basic training and lectures on various topics, including the latest governmental policies.


The SUIDANREN also serves on government-organized committees, working to bring our policy proposals to fruition.

Disaster-area field surveys

As part of its collaborative framework with players in the water industry, the SUIDANREN sends survey teams to support relief efforts in the event of torrential rainstorms, earthquakes, or other disasters.

International collaborations

In hopes of forging stronger ties with the international community, the SUIDANREN assists with the Japan International Cooperation Agency’s (JICA’s) water-related training courses and offers field-training opportunities to foreign trainees.

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